Our Mission

Our (evolving) Story

Our congregational prison ministry began in 2005 as a personal challenge – aimed directly at Pastor Fred Nelson He had shared with a small group that he’d been vaguely attracted to prison ministry early in life but hadn’t ever done anything about it. Gino, one of the group members, wouldn’t let him off the hook easily. He kept pestering Pastor Fred with the question, “So, why don’t you just do it?”

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Our (growing) Convictions

It’s important to keep in mind that our ministry is intentionally congregation-based, not a parachurch organization. That means we need to do our correctional ministry in a way that continues to draw from the strengths and passions of our congregation rather than independently of it.

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Our (expanding) Vision

The audacious vision that drives us and shapes our goals is that we want to be the catalyst for a game-changing movement in ex-offender ministry that is effective, reproducing, transferable, sustainable, and broadly ecumenical for hundreds, if not thousands of churches.

For a fuller picture of what we’re about, download our Vision FAQ here.

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