Out for God, Out for Good

Coming in 2017… Out for God, Out for Good: 101 Reflections and Bible Studies for Ex-Offenders

These days, there are all kinds of wonderful and creative group Bible study resources available. However, there is very little available that directly addresses the spiritual needs of ex-offenders. Since the heart of our Inside-Out ex-offender ministry is creating life-changing church-based connection groups designed for and led by ex-offenders, we need to create our own resources for our growing numbers of groups. Fred Nelson, our Executive Director, is currently working on another “missing book” in ex-offender ministry – an extensive, thematically constructed series of reflections with related Bible passages and life application discussion questions that ex-offenders (and inmates as well) can use in small group settings. After field-testing it in our own groups, we’ll make it available more widely.